Our Sponsors

First and foremost, we would like to thank all of our past and current sponsors over the years. Thanks to your amazing commitment, the Westman/Grim Acres community has raised over $101,000, all of which goes to the Canadian Cancer Society, helping people right here in Westman! With your contributions and effort, we are all one step closer to being able to proudly say that we all helped to Scare Away Cancer!

Other Sponsors

  • Smitten
  • True North Sports Entertainment
  • Blue Moon Water
  • Jeff Plas-Penner Waste Inc
  • Spirit of Halloween


  • Rene Page Roz Evason
  • Kathryne Giesbrecht
  • Kali Morgan
  • Karen Hunt
  • Bev McKenzie
  • Deanna Danielson
  • Christine Jackson
  • Andy Bourgeois
  • Angie Nor Addin
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