Oct 25th - 28th at 6-11 PM | No scare hour from 6-7 PM

How You Can Help / Volunteer

We couldn’t run this annual event without the commitment and dedication of the many community volunteers who play a crucial roles including: live actors, prop building, crowd control, and many other behind the scene jobs.

If you would like to help out please let us know via email grimacres@gmail.com

You can also register online at:



Brian and Amber Sutherland @ 204-720-0754.

  1. Visitors assume all risks, including injury, loss or damage of personal belongings, sickness, illness, dizziness, fright, fear, possessions, and exorcist related injuries, etc.
  2. Anyone caught abusing property, staff, or props, will be held accountable, and charged if necessary. Do not touch staff or props.
  3. No peeing your pants.
  4. No drugs or alcohol on site.
  5. Stay on the lit pathways only.
  6. No smoking allowed on the property.
  7. No photography allowed inside the haunts.
  8. No horseplay. No cowplay either.
  9. No beat boxing.
  10. Have fun, and be scared!