Oct 25th - 28th at 6-11 PM | No scare hour from 6-7 PM


Q: Is there a fee to enter the haunt?

A: No, we strive to remain Westman’s only free-entry haunt. We do accept donations at the door for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Q: A lot of Halloween sites split donations with the cost of the event. How much of the donations goes to the CCS?

A: 100% of donations to the CCS. Funding for the cost of Grim Acres construction is provided through both private and corporate donations of materials and monetary donations. Props and any extra expenses related to construction are paid for by the proprietors.

Q: How long does it typically take to get through the haunts?

A: It can vary from 5 to 10 minutes minimum, depending on factors of how many people are in the group ahead of you, how old they are, and how much participation they have inside the haunts.

Q: How scared can I expect to be?

A: We are a haunt. Expect to be haunted.  Also, visitors assume all risk in entering our property. Especially risk of extreme haunting.

Q: Can I touch the props or staff?

A: Absolutely not. Anyone caught touching props will be asked to leave, and not allowed back. Our staff are instructed to not touch patrons, and we expect the same from guests. Anyone caught violating these rules will be asked to leave.

Q: What are age requirements or restrictions?

A: There is not a specific age for the event. We work hard to entertain all who visit, both young and old. We provide new and exciting scare-free entertainment, including our new carnival games attraction in 2016. We provide lots of amazing talent from around the Westman area for those who are afraid to enter the haunt. Additionally, we also offer the chance for patrons who are too scared to enter the sites the use of glow sticks (to be returned at the exit) at the door, which indicate to actors inside to not scare them.

Q: Do you have food and snacks?

A: Yes, we have a concession area set up, offering hot dogs, popcorn, hot chocolate, coffee, mocha, water,  and a variety of items for sale, the proceeds of which also go to the CCS. We also have GrimGear merchandise for sale. We can accept debit, credit, or cash.

Q: Do you provide handicap parking, and is everything wheelchair accessible?

A: We do have specific, staff controlled areas for handicap parking which is closer to the event areas, and easier to travel to. While the outdoor haunt areas have paths that some wheelchairs can maneuver through, please keep in mind that this is an acreage, and has rough ground.  The haunts themselves are not wheelchair friendly, unfortunately, but again, we do have LOTS of outdoor music and entertainment to provide. We also have wheelchair accessible port a potties as well.

Q: Is alcohol allowed or for sale?

A: Absolutely NO alcohol is allowed on site, or sold on site. Roads are also monitored by RCMP, and our security staff are told to alert them of anyone who may be driving impaired, or bringing alcohol on site. We have a zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol.

Q: Are there fire safety staff on location?

A: All staff in all sites are trained in safety procedures.  All buildings are built to allow for immediate evacuation in an emergency, and fire extinguishers are on site, as well as CPR trained staff.

Q: Do you provide transportation from Brandon to Grim Acres?

A: We do not provide transportation. It is also advised to carpool if possible, to avoid congestion in the parking area.

Q: Do you provide birthday parties or special occasion events?

A: We do not. We are a not-for-profit event, and do not license as a business, therefore can not provide services for events other than our own fundraisers.

Q: What are your hours?

In 2019, our hours are Oct 24th to the 27th from 6-11pm. Our last event date for the season ends Oct 27. We are NOT open on Halloween.

Q: Location:

A: 52030 Stanley Road.  From Brandon, go west on 1A towards Kemnay, turn south on Stanley road, continue south for 7kms, continue to follow signs.

Q: What if it rains?

A: We are Westman’s ONLY covered haunt. Unless there is a hurricane, we are still open.

Q: Can I take pictures inside the haunts?

A: No. We ask that you do not use any form of photography or video in our haunt, in order to preseve the integrity our haunt, and the surprised factor for new guests.

Q: How can I volunteer?

A: Contact us directly at grimacres@gmail.com, or through Facebook under Grim Acres Scare Away Cancer.  You can also speak to Brian and Amber Sutherland directly at 204 720 0754.