Oct 25th - 28th at 6-11 PM | No scare hour from 6-7 PM


Grim Acres is a fright to see for all ages. In an effort to “Scare Away Cancer” we put on an annual free admission, donation only fundraiser event built to entertain the community and at the same time to give back. All donations go to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Come and visit to view our 9.5 acre yard haunt space and muster up your bravery to walk through our Haunted Attractions.

Once you have become mesmerized and stand in awe of the many yard features, start your tour of terror in The Awakening, a 1400 sq ft, three floor abandoned house, with each room set to many popular, and bone-chilling themes. Next, make your way through the outdoor graveyard and travel to the south end of Grim Acres and make your way into the mouth of the monster known as Beyond Darkness, a 3000 sq ft pole barn, complete with soul shattering screams in all of our many halls, and 13 nail biting theme rooms. If you are one of the lucky ones to survive, count yourselves lucky!

For those who have children, be sure to come early and take them through the kid-friendly CarnEVIL, a pole barn with many free kids games, and free prizes! ( Please note, CarnEVIL hours are 6-9pm during our event season).

While you are waiting for your friends to come out alive (mayyybbee), come to our central warming area, and purchase some warm hot chocolate and choose from our many snacks at the Grim Acres Snack Shack. Be sure to pick up your collectible Grim Acres Scare Away Cancer/Westman Communications glow-in-the-dark cup! $3.00 each, or mix and match, 2 for $5.00! All money from concessions also goes to the CCS!

Each year, more and more props are added for your entertainment and to increase the Scare factor. We work feverishly for months, putting in nearly 1000 hours to put this event on for the whole community to enjoy. Each year, over 4000 visitors from across the prairie provinces come out to our 4 day event, making it one of the premier halloween fundraisers around!

Both of us have had numerous family members who have been affected by the disease. Sadly, we have both lost our Mothers to Cancer within the last decade. Brian’s father passed away last year after defying the odds against Lung Cancer for many years until he succumbed to pneumonia. Cancer is a disease that in some way or another, touches everyone at some time in their lives, whether it is in line with a friend or family member. And so, one of the major themes for our Halloween fundraiser, is to raise money for research, so that we may someday see an end to this disease that affects so many. We will be as aggressive about defeating Cancer, as it is about defeating us. Together, we will all stand and fight, and we will win, so that tomorrows children will never have to live in fear of this terrible disease. We will NOT lose.

Please stop by our Halloween Haunt. Take Highway 1A west towards Kemnay. Turn left on Stanley road (last road before Kemnay) go 4 miles south, if you dare…

Amber and Brian Sutherland